7 Best Indoor Dog Potties

7 Best Indoor Dog Potties
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With our world becoming vaster and our work becoming global, our homes are becoming smaller. From sprawling houses, we’ve moved to sky-high building apartments. These have given rise to the indoor dog potty for dog owners who can’t keep taking their dogs out.

Indoor dog potty refers to a device or an instrument that facilitates your dog’s needs to defecate and urinate, whenever they feel like. This is essential today, because most couples/people who own dogs work all day, leaving their dogs alone in the house. There is nobody to let them out when they need to go. This is what results in innovation like the dog potty’s you can keep indoors .

What is an Indoor Dog Potty?

Indoor potties for dogs is the alternate solution to the problems of a dog’s needs to pee but being unable to go outside. It is a simple, versatile, bathroom space within the house made available to the dogs generally or to house-train them for potty training. Similar to cat-litter boxes, the dogs can pee or defecate on the provided surface without soiling the house surfaces, sofas, or furniture. It helps the owner to keep the house stench free and clean. It also helps the dogs who are afraid to go out during bad weather or have phobias. They do not have to hold on to their needs for a long time duration.

A potty for indoor dogs is very beneficial in situations when the owner is unable to take them for their regular walks . They could be overtime at work or they simply live too high up to get downstairs in the open in time. For the senior dogs who are unable to hold on to their bladders for long , small breeds with small bladders, young pups during the potty training phase, dogs with the incontinence issues, or the dogs of physically disable pet owners, a dog potty inside the house is a convenient option.

Unlike many other pet accessories that add to the luxury of your pet, this kind of dog potty gives freedom to the dog to go whenever they want . Investing in one of these would be a smart choice for the owners who live in apartments or houses without lawns or backyards, have long office hours, have difficulty maintaining a potty routine for their canines, and for elderly pet owners.

what is an indoor dog potty
Get an indoor dog potty if your pup is unable to go outside.

How to Choose the Right Indoor Dog Potty?

There are different types of Indoor potties that you can choose from, depending on your requirements. From apartments to considerably large houses, small dogs to large ones and various time crunches that the dog owners may face. Wisely choose the right indoor dog potty that will last you longer.

Types of Indoor Dog Potties

There are a variety of types of potties available in the market. Choose one that’s best suited to your dog. You might have to go through a few of these before your dog finally feels comfortable on one. Special dog pee pads are one option – these are sheets of paper or fabric or combination of both, that are used by dogs to pee on. These pads are further available as disposable pads which can be easily disposed of after a good use and be replaced with a new one. Another kind is the reusable pads made with washable fabric and a waterproof bottom and thus can be reused until worn out.

There are also litter boxes available that have raised sides to keep the feces inside, with flaps on one side for ease of use. These can be used with canine litter, pee pads or newspapers and are easy to clean. For more of the natural environment, the choices of natural grass patches or artificial synthetic grass are also available. Keep in mind that for the natural surrounding preferences of the dogs, these are highly preferred by the owners. The natural grass patches can be disposed of for a new patch after the grass has worn out, which is a little expensive option. While the synthetic grass can be cleaned and reused for a longer time.

Another smart potty system is a grate . These are simple elevated designs that contain holes or slots in the potty area. It passes the urine in the collection area underneath while keep the solid waste on the top to be scooped off later.


While the type of potty chosen depends on the preference of the dog’s likings, the size of it ensures that no ‘accidents’ of spills happen during its usage. The suitable size of the potty is variable to the size of the dog breed. The small-sized potty or pad will spill out the pee or miss the dog’s target, rendering the tool useless. A bigger size may end up earning more time for cleaning than required from the owner.


While selecting pee pads for your dogs, check that the materials are absorbent and not-easily tear-able, with waterproof bottoms . The disposable pads and reusable pads may use paper or cardboard and washable fabrics. When it comes to grates, they are made of durable good quality plastics. Which are at times chew-proof and unbreakable for fuzzy pups. The synthetic grass potties have longer life-time and usage compared to the natural grass which is perishable.

Ease of Cleanliness

Regardless of whichever type of potty system you choose. Most of them are easy to clean and maintain with dog disinfectants . It is mandatory to keep these potties and the surrounding areas clean. Furthermore, they should not have a bad odor to affect the dog and the house.

The green grass potties and disposable pee pads are easy to use. They can and can be disposed of in the trash can. While the simple designing of the grates, litter boxes can as much easily be cleaned every day with soap and water. You can even use pee pads or papers at the bottom or in the collection areas. Use them to scoop out the waste without hassle and disgust. This ensures that your dog does not have to visit the dirty pee place again.

indoor dog pee pads
You can choose between disposable and reusable pads!

7 Best Indoor Potty for Dogs

When choosing an indoor dog potty, you may also want to consider the economic value of these. Some may prove to be a long-term investment with a recurring cost on the pads. With the given background, the understanding of potty systems for your dogs, we are further going to help in suggesting some of the best indoor potties that you can look into for your four-legged buddy.

1. Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty

This indoor dog potty grate by Blyss Pets Klean Paws is simply a masterpiece. The easy design makes it the best option to use and clean later on. Your dog has to simply walk on the grate and do it business. And while they walk off the potty, their feet are still clean and no spills have happened.

The rubber pads at the bottom of it guarantee that it does not slide around while getting on and off of it. And the snap-on grate on the top is easy to remove to clean out the collection pan from the bottom that has gathered the urine or the waste. You can cover the pan with a disposable pad or old newspapers which makes cleaning it fairly easy. This indoor dog potty is a suitable bet for small size dogs and pups.

2. Large Patch of Grass Dog Litter Tray

The litter box by HQ4us is one of the best indoor dog potties for large dogs that prefer more natural surroundings. Like their very natural-looking green grass. This litter box comes with a patch of ultra-soft, artificial grass. This gives the feeling of an outdoor lawn to your dog.

They have firmly attached the turf to a rubber mat that keeps the grass from being chewed off. There are multiple holes in it that speedily absorbs the pee from the top surface. This goes into the disposable pee pad in the layer below. The advanced Japanese technology in the pads, they de-odor the stink leaving it smelling clean. This pee pad is again secure in the bottom tray which restricts the waste from soiling the floor. Durable in material and easy to clean, this grass litter box is a good option for the owners of the large breeds.

3. DogCharge Indoor Dog Potty

This three-unit (net, pad, tray) is a brilliant pad style litter option. The potty unit has high walls on all four sides with a datable wall on the backside. You can remove this to make a convenient indoor potty for male dogs especially. These raised walls ensure that the pooch does not scoot off from the unit and miss the pee-aim.

The material used is strong and sturdy with a non-skip base to keep it firmly in one place. You can secure the firm but soft net on the top is with pillars to provide a non-wobbly stand for the dog. Easy to detach in every layer and clean it, it can be placed in any suitable corner of the house or balcony for your dog’s convenient use. Small dogs like miniature Poodles or puppies of any breed benefit the most from this.

4. PETKIT Dog Training Toilet Bathroom Mat

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These light-weighted, easy-to-port bathroom mats for the indoor potty-training pet mats is a smart option for those who do not like big boxes visible in their house like sore-sight. These are flat mat boxes with a grid and a tray in the bottom to train your pup onto.

The non-slip bottom of the tray holds it firm at a place while the gridlines in the top layers help the pee to percolate to the tray. Placing a pad or a paper at the bottom means you can clean it much more easily and quickly. Due to its low height, it is a perfect choice for the dogs with joint problems or those the oldies that find it difficult to climb onto a high-raised potty to do their business.

5. HIPIPET Puppy Plastic Potty

If you want to potty train your pup fast then opting for this super calming plastic potty tray for them. Available in bright two colors of blue and pink, you can choose one each for your male and female dog, it keeps the peeing business easy and clean.

The best thing about it is that it comes with a small raised plastic pillar of its own to provide a perfect aim to your dog while peeing. The raised sides confirm that the dog does not fall off balance and prevents the out-spill. Low in size, it is easier for the senior dogs, arthritic dogs and pups to hop in and out of it for using it. Placing it in a balcony or under a window will keep the smell out and provide a bright touch to your house.

6. AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads

If you are a new dog owner and have just brought in a new pup or a dog then training them with AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads is the wisest option. Considered as a product of the highest quality at affordable prices , these pads come in packs from 25 to 150 pads in a packet. Available in various sizes to suit your dog breed, they also offer four strength options for regular use to heavy-duty extra-large.

You can conveniently use them to train your pup into defining a particular bathroom space in the house for them. The multi-layered pad quickly absorbs the urine from the surface and locks it within turning it into a gel. While the edges of the same are secured with plastic lining that stops the runaways. The result is an unspoiled floor and a happy doggy.

7. Fezep Artificial Grass, Dog Pee Pads

For those who want to give a more green, natural area to your dog and are still concerned about keeping the area clean, Fezep Artificial Grass, Dog Pee Pads provide the best of both the worlds. These pee pads with artificial grass on the top become the utmost attraction for your dog.

These pads with its multiple uses can help you in creating a green space in your balcony or terrace or even patios. You can use a patch of it on a litter box or a grate and your dog is good to go for the natural business. Not restricted by the size, the dense, natural, soft grass is skin-friendly, resilient and durable. Planning on a smart investment, this can be a go-to option.

Indoor Potty for Dogs – FAQs

Indoor dog potties come as a benefit to working pet parents and to those who live in apartments and high rises. And while you may have to go through a few indoor dog potties to finally boil to one – as per what your dog likes – here’s an exhaustive list of general questions you may have before you buy one of these!

size of indoor dog potty
Choose the most suitable indoor potty size for your pup!

What is the Best Indoor Dog Potty System?

There are several potty systems for your dogs that are available in the market with different combinations. The best dog potty system is the one that encourages and allows your dog to take care of their business in a convenient, hassle-free manner, without injuring them. And it is easy to clean and maintain after repeated use.

The disposable potty is an attractive option. They give quick and easy riddance after your dog uses them but also pose a question to its frequent use of new ones and their availability. While you can easily clean the box with soap and water, used with old newspapers and used for the long term. However, the purpose of a potty system is to make it convenient for the dog to pee, it must help them in so and not make the task more difficult, especially for old dogs, dogs with bone issues.

How do you Potty Train a Dog Indoors?

Training a dog for indoor potty business is a task that requires a lot of patience and alertness. To help them become comfortable with the indoor potty system, beginning with pee pads is more feasible. Guide them to these pads every time they show the signs that they need to pee.

Once they are done peeing, treat them and encourage them so that they will repeat the activity gradually. Another recommended smart way is to soak their urine a little in the pad and then guide them to the pad to pee. Due to their behavioral instincts , peeing at the place they did before, they will gravitate to the pad with the odor. It will help them in identifying the pee pad as the place to pee on.

Can you Train a Dog to Pee in a Litter Box?

You can easily train their dog to pee in a litter box too – it works just as well. However, behaviourally, dogs do not have the same cat-like instincts to bury their business therefore most dogs are not trained to use a litter box.

But there are littler boxes available in the market that are specifically for dogs. One can choose any of these, as an indoor potty system for dogs and train their pooch to go to the litter box every time they need to relieve themselves. Make sure to follow this up with a good reward and lots of encouragement.

What can I use Instead of Pee ads?

There are several other potty systems like litter boxes, grates, or turf rugs . available that can be used instead of pee pads as a system. In a particular potty system, you can always replace a pee pad with old newspapers and papers that can double up as the absorbing sources at the bottom of the collection tray.

Regardless of which of our best indoor dog potties you choose, consider your home and dog’s individual differences first. This invention can help different types of owners and dogs and is well worth the purchase.