Dog Exercise Equipment – What’s In The Perfect Dog Workout Kit?

Dog Exercise Equipment – What’s In The Perfect Dog Workout Kit?
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Is dog exercise equipment really that important for a dog? Well, most probably, yes! According to the 2018 survey of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention , 55.8% of dogs were found to be overweight in the US. Dogs need to burn off excess calories in order to stay in shape. And like humans, they would quickly pack on the pounds if given the chance.

If your dog is getting a bit pudgy as well, then you might be wondering how you can help it shed those extra pounds. But if you’re anything like me, you probably don’t have the time to take your dog out on a walk every day. That’s where exercise equipment for dogs comes into play, my friend.

This equipment allows dogs to exercise, even without your direct presence. It allows dogs to dispose of their excess energy. At the same time, it provides them with the right posture to ensure lean muscle mass growth .

What is Dog Exercise And Workout Kit?

Although a dog exercise kit can contain a number of different types of equipment, some types are more common than others. Here’s what you can expect to be included in a good dog exercise and workout kit.

1. Exercise Ball

dog exercise ball / treiball

An exercise ball can have a massive positive impact on your dog’s health. Dogs often love these balls and would go bonkers for the chance to play with them. If you don’t believe me, then just pull one out in front of your dog and see how he reacts.

Exercise and herding balls are a lot bigger than regular dog fitness toys, but they help your pooch maintain incredible core strength. Not just that, but they also make your dog’s reflexes a lot faster.

But here’s where it gets better: if you have two dogs, then they’d both love to have a game of ball. Why wouldn’t you want a ball that keeps the dogs occupied in exercise while you relax?

2. Treadmill

dog treadmill

Do you think humans are the only ones who can run on a treadmill? If you do, then try buying one for your dog and see how he struts his stuff on the belt. Dog treadmills are often a part of dog exercise kits.

It’s important to remember that your dog might not be comfortable running on a treadmill, at first. At first, you’ll see your pooch getting a bit curious about why the floor is moving. But once on top, your dog might display a bit of fear as well. I hope you understand how normal that is. So, in the beginning, just keep the treadmill at a slow speed and let your dog walk through it.

With time, your dog would get a lot more comfortable on the treadmill after which you can increase the speed until the big guy is a calorie-burning machine!

3. Agility Course

dog agility kit

Have you ever watched the Westminster Kennel Club Masters Agility Competition ? If you haven’t, then you’re missing out on great TV. They have a whole agility course that dogs have to complete as fast as possible.

You can buy such dog agility equipment and set it up for your own dog. It’s an incredible way to bond with your dog and increase its agility. The amount of exercise your dog would get by jumping over hurdles and riggling its way through a tunnel would be truly beneficial for its health.

4. Jump Bar

dog jump bars

Jump bars are regular parts of agility courses. However, you can buy them separately as well. Make sure you adjust these bars on different heights and challenge your dog to its limits. Now top that off with treats, and you’ll have a happy pooch that loves to exercise.

Jumping, whether for humans or dogs, is a demanding activity so allow some rest between jump sessions especially with a young dog. However, jumping above a bar is a great exercise that will stimulate active dogs and get them tired for the rest of the day!

For pet parents playing this game with a puppy, make sure you buy jump bars that will allow you to keep on playing when your dog grows up to its adult size and full jumping abilities. You can always buy a new set of jump bars so don’t worry too much about it!

5. Dog Rope

dog ropes

Many dog owners use ropes as recreational toys for their pooch. However, you can also use these as dog fitness toys. If you’re one who’s wondering how can I exercise my dogs indoors, then again this is quite a good option to consider.

Dogs love to play tug of war with ropes. This helps increase their core strength as well as that of their jaws. Not to mention, dog ropes can be used for a nice game of fetch. It is a versatile toy to have in any dog owner’s exercising kit.

Dog ropes can be useful to begin gentle training for weight pulling . You will need a whole lot more equipment for full training, but it is a good introduction. You could also purchase a dog backpack that you will fill up with sand and play regular games of fetch to work on your dog’s conditioning.

How to Choose the Right Dog Exercise Equipment

There are a number of factors that, if not considered while buying dog exercise equipment, could potentially cause problems down the lane. So, it’s better for you to consider the following factors before purchasing exercise equipment for dogs.

Also, who doesn’t like having some extra benefits with a product? With dog workout kits, there are lots of benefits that might come your way. These added benefits could range from receiving a complementary product like collapsible bowls to having a handy bottle-opener on a dog saddlebag.


Not all exercise equipment is made for all kinds of dogs. There are some which are specifically designed for smaller dogs while others are catered more towards large breeds.

Whenever buying any dog exercise equipment, ensure that its size is suitable for your dog breed. If you’re not sure, call customer support and ask questions. If you’re buying a dog treadmill, then ask about how much weight it can bear and its dimensions. For other equipment like hurdle sets, you might want to ask about the minimum and maximum height of the bars to get an idea about whether your dog would be comfortable jumping over it.


What kind of material you need in dog equipment for exercise depends on two factors:

  • The location where you plan on placing the equipment
  • The type of equipment

If you’re planning on placing the dog exercise equipment outdoors, you need something that can withstand the elements . We’re talking rust and waterproof coating here. Also, any equipment that your dog is going to chew and scratch at, jump over, or hang from should certainly be strong for safety purposes.


Durability issues are a major let-down in average dog exercise equipment. Although the material used is a vital factor in determining how durable a product is, you’d also want to look at how much the manufacturer focuses on making the material itself as durable as possible.

Manufacturers that engineer designs for added durability in order to withstand harsh wear and tear are the best ones to consider. Always prefer products with a decent warranty.

Indoor or Outdoor

This is a major factor to consider when buying exercise equipment for dogs. Indoor dog exercise toys or equipment often takes up lesser space and looks a lot prettier than outdoor equipment.

Do make sure that you consider where you want to place your dog’s exercise equipment before you buy it. This will help you narrow down options and prevent issues like not having space to place a piece of equipment after purchasing it.

Top 5 Best Dog Exercise Equipment

We’ve just highlighted the equipment available in dog exercise kits. But as you can notice, there’s a lot of variety available in the market. You might be wondering if you should buy an exercise ball or a treadmill or maybe even a dog rope. At times, deciding on a particular piece of equipment and then finding the best one out there is hard and time-consuming.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. So, here’s the list of the best dog exercise equipment on Amazon.

1. Mimu Dog Agility Equipment Set

This is one of the best dog exercise kits out there, and that too, at an amazing price. It contains a play tunnel, jump hurdle, pole connectors, weave poles, ground stake pouch, and bags . There’s not much more you can ask for at this price. Also, bear in mind that this set was designed for dogs up to 90 pounds . So, if yours lies in this range, then this is the set to buy.

The popup tunnel is 5 feet in length and has a diameter of 2 feet. This is more than enough for a small to medium-sized dog. It’s important to remember that the size is compliant with the AKC requirements . The hurdles in this exercise set are adjustable with a maximum height of 33.5 inches. But not just that, weave poles are also a great inclusion in this set. They’re 23.6 inches long which is an optimum size for dogs to weave through.

Customers are in awe of how much value this agility set brings at a competitive price. Many of them report that their dogs have even started learning the routine. However, there were some who did point out that the material wasn’t as sturdy as some of the high-end dog agility equipment in the market.

2. dogPACER Folding Fitness Dog Treadmill

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If your dog is packing on the pounds, then you should certainly consider buying a dog treadmill. The dogPACER treadmill is specifically designed for dogs and can hold pooches up to 179 pounds . That’s quite a lot of weight for a dog. But that’s not all, this dog treadmill is foldable which allows you to set it aside after use. This compact size makes it perfect for people who can’t afford to provide a dedicated space for their dog’s treadmill. With this treadmill, you’ll also get a running length of 71 inches .

This dog exercise equipment ships assembled, excluding a few minor adjustments that you’ll have to make. Customers usually took less than an hour to get their dogPACER up and running. With customized speed options for dogs, you can give yours a chance to take it slow and enjoy every moment on the treadmill.

So far, customers have reviewed this product to be highly satisfactory. Even though many were skeptical before the purchase, their dogs went bonkers on its new treadmill. Many customers even put a leash on their dog and held it while their dog walked on the treadmill. This allowed the dog to feel as if he were being walked outdoors which added to his excitement. It’s worth mentioning here that you might need a dedicated circuit for this piece of equipment to function properly.

3. XiaZ Retractable Rope for Tug of War

We all know what happens when dogs see hanging ropes. There’s lots of jumping, barking, and teething; all of which makes for great exercise. Dogs would often keep at it for hours if we’d let them. So, XiaZ used that instinct in dogs to their advantage. They’ve added a bungee rope to a teether that you can hang from a strong tree trunk. When your dog sees the teether, it would jump to chew on it, thereby pulling it down with its weight. But the bungee rope would eventually pull the teether back up, and your dog would continue the same process all over again.

This interactive toy helps dogs get lots of exercise by jumping and tugging. It’s so strong that even large dog breeds could easily tug on the rope without breaking it . It’s also quite easy to install. All you have to do is loop the rope from a strong branch and then buckle it to the tree trunk.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that this exercise equipment for dogs comes with an instruction manual to completely explain the setup process. The rope is made of polyester and is also quite sturdy and holds up to aggressive chewers. But if you’re still considering this purchase, then it might be helpful to know that XiaZ provides a 100% money-back guarantee with a no-questions-asked policy.

4. One Tigris Saddlebag

A saddlebag can also be used as exercise equipment for dogs. By adding weight on both sides of the bag, you can train your dog to carry more weight, thereby building stronger muscles. This, over time, leads to muscle mass growth and toning. This bag itself is quite lightweight which allows you to control the amount of weight your dog should be lifting. It also includes enough pockets for adding all types of treats, water bottles, and other essentials for your pooch when you both go out for a hike.

The OneTigris Dog Saddlebag isn’t just a hiking pack, it’s also a harness for your dog. The backpack comes with a rear-mounted leash hook in case you’d like your dog to be on a leash. The interior of the harness is made of breathable mesh to keep your dog cool and ventilated at all times. It also contains adjustable straps and a number of storage pockets to help you travel efficiently.

What’s great about this saddlebag is that it’s not just great for stashing supplies but also helps in your dog’s security. With a reflective strip on the bag, you’ll be able to notice your dog from afar. Also, don’t forget the handle atop the bag which provides more control . Pro tip: use that handle to guide your furball over difficult terrains, rocks, and streams.

Customers love how sturdy this saddlebag is. Even though dogs, by nature, do not like to wear such bags and many even go as far as trying to chew it off, the bag stays intact. That, in itself, speaks volumes of the quality of this product. With that said, a few customers were skeptical about the leash hooks in this dog backpack.

5. Lord Anson Dog Hurdle Set

These agility cones can help you create a nice hurdle set for your dog. These heavy-duty cones are made from a strong material, allowing them to hold up over time. You can also easily stack them on top of each other for efficient transport. The rods are made from premium-quality plastic which does not bend or warp with regular training. These rods are a lot thicker than what the usual hurdle set offers. You can also use these cones for teaching other agility training tricks to your dog, including the weave.

Customers have used this hurdle set for a plethora of reasons like rehabilitation, agility training, and recreation. The response, overall, is quite positive. It’s also great for dogs that are extra energetic as it provides them a method to dissipate energy in a healthy manner. As it’s made of plastic, you can easily leave the cones outdoors and also stack them aside, when needed. With that said, it’s worth mentioning that the poles seem to break if a running dog collides with them at a particular angle. In that regard, this one might not be the most durable in the market, but it’s certainly one of the most economical.

Dog Workout Kit FAQs

We know there are probably dozens of questions on your mind right now. Here are a few that might be occupying your headspace.

How can I exercise my dog indoors?

There are dozens of ways you can get your dog to exercise indoors. If your dog is energetic, then you can set up an indoor obstacle course for it. You could also use the stairs at your place to get in some rigorous workout sessions. A lot of dog owners also buy a treadmill for their pooch. If that interests you, then make sure you buy one that’s specially designed for dogs. Human treadmills could lead to a lot of unfortunate incidents, so make sure you keep your dog safe.

Also, don’t forget the odd game of catch that you can play indoors if you have enough space. Even if you don’t have time to play catch, you can buy an automatic fetch toy to keep your doggo occupied at all times. Just set the trajectory to a safe range and let your dog play to its heart’s content.

Can my dog use a human treadmill?

It is generally advised that you buy a separate dog treadmill for your pooch. Using human treadmills can be dangerous for dogs as they provide a smaller track to run. With a smaller track, the dog has to constrict its gait which can lead to joint problems down the road. Also, with consistent use of a human treadmill, your dog’s gait would get all messed up.

dog treadmill exercise
A dog treadmill is a fun way to exercise and condition your dog indoors.

On the other hand, a dog treadmill provides more track length and width so your dog can easily extend its limbs and run. Also, it has speeds that are designed for dogs. This can be a problem with human treadmills that might be too fast for a pooch.

How do exercise kits improve my dog's health?

Exercise kits have a variety of equipment that can be used to encourage healthy play in dogs. Using these kits, your dog can burn calories to lose weight or maintain lean muscle mass. With the right diet and a nice dog exercise kit, your dog could live quite a healthy and satisfying life. Invest in some protein powder to boost muscle growth!

Exercise kits are also fantastic for dogs that are always over-energetic and need an outlet for energy. These kits would provide your dog physical activities like running, jumping, and tugging which would not only make your dog lose calories and burn weight, but would also keep it happy and content.

There’s a lot that you can expect to find in a quality dog exercise kit; hurdles, ropes, saddlebags, exercise balls, and whatnot! All these types of dog exercise equipment can prove to be great for losing fat, getting in and maintaining shape, as well as utilizing your dog’s energy in a healthy fashion.

Just make sure that when you buy exercise equipment for dogs , you make it a point to learn if it’s safe for dogs and plan early on where you would place the equipment. Details like dimensions, weight, and whether or not the equipment is waterproof can really affect its effectiveness for your dog.