Top 10 Best Outdoor Dog Houses — Wired, Wooden, Foldable!

Top 10 Best Outdoor Dog Houses — Wired, Wooden, Foldable!
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Regardless of whether you prefer to keep your furry one inside or outside the house, an outdoor dog house is essential. It gives your dog a space of his own. They also protect your dog from the adverse conditions outside of your home. Furthermore, it allows you to take your furry little one to accompany you on outings and holidays.

The design, material, and portability of the best outdoor dog houses have made them some of the most loved items for both the dogs and their owners. If you are considering buying one, here is a list of the top 10 best outdoor dog houses available. So why not take a look?

What is an Outdoor Dog House?

An outdoor house is simply a dog house that is suitable to be used outside. This can mean it has been designed to be resilient to the temperature and weather . Or that it is just designed with a more appropriate aesthetic. There is no one trait that is required for an outside dog house, but more of a whole set of features.

Although, all good outside dog houses have some level of waterproofing due to possible rainfall. They exist to offer your dog a source of protection from external elements or isolation from stressful situations. Regardless of whether your dog lives outside permanently or has access during some days, it is important to offer them refuge both indoor and out.

Whether you are breeding dogs or not, having a sturdy, comfortable, and peaceful dog house is crucial for your dog’s sake. This is their very place and it should be sturdy enough to protect them from bad weather. Whilst also being snuggly enough to make them want to remain in it. The best outdoor dog houses can focus on an appealing look with wooden walls. Or instead, emphasize durability with metal wires. It really is a matter of preference.

For the coldest days, winter-proof outdoor dog houses are more suitable options thanks to their enhanced insulation.

Indoor vs Outdoor Dog House

You may have considered purchasing an indoor dog house and just placing it outside. However, this can be a waste of money, time, and even lead to poor dog health. This is because indoor houses are not as durable and resilient as outdoor dog houses . Therefore the material can quickly break and even rot. Rotting wood with humidity can quickly lead to bacteria accumulating and your dog can quickly become sick. Instead of wasting your money on dog houses that aren’t efficient and potentially dangerous, always purchase a suitable outdoor dog house.

The number one difference between indoor and outdoor dog houses is the materials they are made of. Indoor dog houses are usually waterproof, strong, and can often have some thermal insulators. These help to keep your dog happy in any temperature and weather without worry.

Types of Outdoor Dog Houses

There are different outdoor dog houses that you can consider. Each type has its own benefits to consider.

Insulated Dog House

You can purchase outdoor dog houses that are specially insulated . They can be constructed with different combinations of materials but will have an internal or interior layer of thermal material . This acts as a layer to keep your dog warm, keep their house warm, and prevent the cold from entering. This is a very useful dog house type if you live in a cold area or the location is prone to cold winds or storms.

These dog houses can also come with doors that can seal upon entry to prevent cold winds from entering. These act in a similar manner to cat flaps. Where your dog can enter by pushing the door or their collar can activate them. This is an added feature that can keep your dog feeling warm and comfy in winter.

Wooden Dog House

Wooden dog houses can provide a very attractive feature in your back yard, as well as a practical area for your dog. Because the main material is wood, they can be waterproof, durable , whilst not being an eyesore. Wooden dog houses are often known as one of the best for dogs because of their hardiness. Wind won’t move them, rain won’t ruin them and neither can your dog. However, this only applies to high-quality dog houses made of wood. Anything designed with plywood or thin wood is not going to have the same benefits as oak houses.

Be sure to check the attachment and layers of a wooden house. It the pieces of wood are well attached, this can be one of the strongest houses, otherwise, beware. Furthermore, consider the insulation provided by wooden houses. They can be toasty if designed well, but always check first.

Wooden Dog Houses
10 Best Wooden Dog Houses – Materials, Pros, Cons & FAQ

Plastic Dog House

Plastic dog houses are the most common outdoor dog houses you can purchase on the market. They can be constructed easily and quickly so are often much cheaper than other types. Another added benefit of plastic dog houses is that they are always waterproof as long as the pieces are sealed together well. The material itself may not lead to leaks, but if the pieces are not joined together, this can lead to gaps which rain can easily enter through.

These houses can be considered eyesores though. Some buyers may think that buying the material and having it in their yard is tacky. Furthermore, plastic is one of the more flimsy materials used to build dog houses. If you live in a state with strong winds and storms, it may be best to avoid this type.

Igloo Dog House

An igloo dog house is exactly as it sounds, it is in the shape of an igloo. There are no specific materials used when designing an igloo dog house. Although they are most commonly seen to be constructed with plastic. These dog houses are rounded caves with an extended entrance. Some may physically resemble the appearance of an igloo with blocks, whereas others just maintain the rounded design in general.

They are excellent designs to ensure both waterproofing and isolation for your dog. This is because the curved design is either made in one piece or tightly packed pieces to create one smooth design. This helps to prevent water entry and create a dark and confined space for your pup. This is a great add on for dogs with anxiety.

Fabric Dog House

Fabric dog houses refer to either waterproofing-tent material or a felt dog bed. Consider using small tents for your dog as outdoor dog houses. You just need to make sure the material is high-quality and you have secured the tent to the ground. Strong winds could easily blow away your fabric dog house otherwise! A benefit of these dog tents as well is that they can often be cheaper than many dog houses you can purchase. Whilst still offering waterproof and quiet areas for your pup. The downside of these is that they are not very durable or hardy for long term day to day use.

As for felt beds to use for your dogs outside, they can be one of the most attractive bed types and provide your dog shade during a hot day. However, they have a lot of drawbacks such as durability, lack of waterproofing, and they can easily be carried away by the wind.

Underground Dog House

Underground dog houses are permanent and hardy solutions to any weather type. These houses are buried underground so you don’t lose any space in your yard . Whilst still offering your dog a private refuge from the weather and socializing. These are very strong houses as dirt and heavyweight is placed upon the house. As they are underground, you usually don’t have to worry about them leaking. This is because the seals of the material have to be strong to hold up the weight of soil.

However, depending on your dog’s breed, larger dogs may not be able to find a suitable underground house. They not only need room to enter, but room to stretch and find a comfortable sleeping position. Furthermore, these homes can be very difficult to clean so consider this element before purchase.

setup an underground dog house
Setting up an underground dog house only takes an hour or two – the time needed to dig up the ground properly and install the underground housing!

Uses of Outdoor Dog Houses

An outdoor house provides more than just a place of comfort for your dog. It helps them to feel cool in the summer and hot in the winter .

Provides a Shady Place During Summer

Your pup may adore the sun and summer, but even those that love to sunbathe need an area of shade. These homes offer a place of cool shade so your dog can avoid overheating. It is important to provide an area in shade for your dog to remain cool. This prevents heat exhaustion which can lead to heatstroke .

Heat exhaustion occurs from overexposure to a heat source or from hot temperatures outside with no escape. This is especially common in breeds with thick fur as they can overheat much more quickly. Signs of heat exhaustion include dizziness, panting, drinking large amounts of water. Drooling, pale gums, and even vomiting can be signs of heatstroke. If your dog has heat exhaustion, keep them cool and hydrated, if you are worried about heatstroke, however, take them straight to the vet.

Protection from Extreme Heat and Cold

Both extreme cold and heat can affect your dog’s health severely . Offering your dog an outside house can provide an area of shelter from extreme temperatures. In times or areas of extreme cold, you can provide your dog with an insulated dog house. This can keep your dog warm and cozy, even with snow outside. You can also consider purchasing a dog house heater. This offers your dog an escape from cold weather and prevents them from getting hypothermia . Furthermore, if your dog is an outside dog, this offers a permanent source of shelter if the weather changes quickly.

Similarly, in times of extreme heat, a dog house will provide cool and shadier shelter for your dog to hide from the sun. Dog houses can also have internal water bowls to avoid the water from evaporating. This can make sure your dog has water constantly, even on the hottest days and when you are at work.

Protection From Strong Wind

A strong wind can startle your dog as well as make them feel quite chilly . Offering your dog physical protection from the wind can calm them as well as allowing them a space to keep warm. Furthermore, if you have a little dog or a puppy, a strong gust can knock your dog off their feet. Therefore, an outdoor dog house is a great purchase for areas prone to high winds.

If you own an outdoor dog, they can become anxious and afraid when it is windy outside, regardless of temperature. Things can be knocked over leading to loud noises, or worse, could fall and hit your dog causing injury. Get your dog a strong, durable, and heavy dog house to bring them added comfort from gails.

Shelter for Rain, Sleet, and Snow

Outside dog houses truly are the best protection from all weather types. Rain, sleet, and snow are no match for a well-built dog house . With properties such as thermal layers, waterproofing, and sealable doors, your dog will remain toasty and dry in these shelters.

You need to make sure that if you are purchasing an outdoor dog house for protection from these weather types, that it has good reviews and the appropriate material type . Fabric type houses will be useless due to its soft, spongey material and lack of strength. Instead, consider plastic or wooden houses, just make sure to check how each house is sealed. Some log cabin types can easily let rain drip through.

Peaceful Place

Providing your dog with an area of space is great for their mental health and behavior. Some dog breeds are more prone to anxiety than others, but individuals may have a genetic or environmental influence. Regardless of the cause, providing a safe space for your dog to retreat to when they want space can help comfort them . Not only can this help relax them in a stressful situation, but it can also bring them more comfort generally as they always have an area to retreat to.

Their house should be a refuge that you rarely intervene with. Therefore they know that if they want to leave a situation for isolation, they have access to do so. It is just as important for you to give the provision of a dog house outdoors as it is indoors, it then provides your dog space regardless of location.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Dog House

Every outdoor dog house type has its benefits, but how do you know which one is right for you? Here are all the factors you need to consider.


For starters, you need to know what size of a dog house to choose . This can be influenced by the size and breed of your dog , the size of your backyard, and how your pup sleeps. If you own a puppy, you can buy a dog house for their current size or their expected size. It would be much more cost-effective to spend money on a single large dog house than have to purchase a second dog house after a few months. It also saves you a lot of hassle.

Also, be sure to consider your dog’s favorite sleeping position . If they like to curl up, you often do not need to worry too much about the size of their dog house floor. However, if they love to stretch, make sure to give them the room to do so.

Breeding Business' dog house sizing formula
Our formula and method to pick the right size for your dog’s house.


The materials of your outdoor dog house can affect the practicality of the product alongside it’s aesthetic. For example, felt tents can be adorable and often cozy for your pup, however, they are not waterproof. This is not ideal if you are purchasing a permanent outdoor bed as it is likely to rain at some point. Furthermore, you will not always be able to take the bed inside beforehand.

You should also consider the strength of your dog’s house , especially if you live in areas of high winds or your dog is quite large or muscular. Firstly, your large pup could push, jump on, or knock the house down causing it to break. Secondly, in areas of strong winds, the wind could knock over your dog’s house. A heavier, stronger doghouse is often better, especially if you need one permanently.


A heavy house is great for stability, but not so much for portability. If you either want a house you can move around the garden or easily store, you need to make sure it has certain elements. Consider how light the dog house is first and foremost . If you struggle to lift it every time, you could cause yourself some pain when transporting it. Furthermore, it can prove to be a repetitive inconvenience. Purchase a lightweight dog house for ease of movement.

You should also consider if you want a dog house that can either fold u p or you can easily deconstruct. Some dog houses, once put together, cannot be taken apart. Therefore, be careful to check the product description to see if the house can be folded up for easy storage.


Durability can apply to both the materials as well as the way a dog house is put together. Firstly, brittle and weak materials lead to an easily broken dog house and even injuries. This is because your dog could crash into the dog house after running, plastic or wood could shatter and then hurt your dog. Even if your dog is of a heavyweight, simply leaning a lot of bodyweight onto one side may lead to the house cracking if the material is not durable.

You should also check how the material is attached together , such as screws, nails, or glue. Smaller and fewer nails may lead to a dog house easily coming apart after some time. Whereas longer screws that are more evenly distributed are more likely to have a secure frame.

Extra Features

Although you may not need any extra features, it is always worth considering what is available in case it could benefit you and your dog. Some extra features include heaters , fans, dog food, and water bowl stands, and even a toy storage area . Heaters and fans can be great tools to help your dog maintain their proper temperature and stay comfortable. These tools are especially useful when you live in a very hot or very cold state as they give your dog an option to exit that environment.

Dog and water bowl stands and toy baskets are certainly not necessities, but they are useful. Bowls near to your dog give them added comfort to have breakfast in bed! Toy storage containers will allow you to keep your back yard a little more tidy, another useful bonus.


Although the style of your dog’s outdoor house isn’t the most important to choose, it is fun to do so! From a décor that matches your house to one that compliments your pooches personality, there is a lot to choose from. Don’t limit yourself to just one style of dog house. From a miniature log cabin to a chic and modern home, check online for all the different varieties.

You can also consider personalizing an already purchased dog house to match the style you want. From paint to lights, you can add whatever turns a shabby house into the perfect home for your pup. Just be sure that everything you add is dog friendly and will not cause them harm.


The design of your dog’s house refers more to the shape or layout as opposed to the aesthetic appearance of it . Large, classic, box dog houses are a great design. They are not complex and you can use them for any size of dog. However, perhaps you want something more unique or more detailed, such as a rounded roof or a house with multiple rooms.

In order to find the right design for you and your dog, consider the room number, roof type, and if you would like the dog house to resemble something . For example, the igloo dog design is much loved, but other owners love a miniature design of a hotel for their pup. Check out all your design options as there are so many to consider.


The comfort of your dog’s house should be another important factor for you to consider. Your dog must feel comfortable in their home as it is one of the main purposes. Furthermore, if the house is not comfortable, why would your dog use it? From the floor material to added features, you need to make sure that they make your dog house the perfect refuge for your pup.

You should also consider any special comfort needs your dog may have . For example, you may have to purchase your elderly dog an orthopedic bed to aid with their joints and aches. You can also consider adding pillows or blankets for extra comfort.

For a lot more comfort, you may prefer an outdoor kennel over a dog house.

different types of dog kennels
Differences between kennel runs, boxed kennels, and dog cages.


You need to consider the location that you live in before purchasing an outdoor dog house because of the climate. From the average weather conditions to the temperature, this can influence the factors you need in your purchase. From insulated walls to multiple windows for aeration, i is an important influencer.

If you live in a hot environment , you will want to make sure your dog’s outdoor house has proper aeration, a lack of insulation, and possibly includes a fan. Furthermore, a hot environment will mean there is more sun exposure. Therefore, you will have to consider how much shade and shelter is the house you are choosing has. On the other hand, colder, stormier climates need durability and waterproofing. This is because the harsh weather can deteriorate your dog’s house. Also, consider a warmer and more insulated dog house to keep your pup warm despite the temperature outside.

10 Best Outdoor Dog Houses

We have reviewed the 10 best outdoor dog houses so you can easily see their pros and cons to decide if you wish to purchase one.

1. Advantek Pet Gazebo Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel

— The Bestselling Outdoor Dog Kennel

The Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor Kennel is one of the most popular outdoor dog houses among dog owners. The Pet Gazebo Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel comes with a compact design and is extremely easy to set-up. The dog house offers maximum shelter and protection to your dog by virtue of its robust steel body and the weather-resistant polyurethane reversible cover. The most striking aspect is that setting it up requires no tools and you can do so in less than 10 minutes. After assembly, this dog house measures 60 x 60 x 60 inches and is ideal for pets weighing up to 100 pounds. A tote bag comes separately with this item.

The Advantek Pet Gazebo Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel boasts of a unique design and high-quality construction. While it protects your dog from adverse weather conditions , it also ensures that your furry one is able to enjoy the fresh air and natural views outside. That is why; this particular dog house is practically perfect for any outdoor occasion like camping, fishing trips, vacations, and so on. With your dog safe inside it, you can be assured that they are enjoying a luxurious outdoor lifestyle. This is also a perfect outdoor kennel for dog breeders !

The Advantek Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel is also easy to maintain and does not undergo wear and tear easily because of its Advantek’s patented AztekGold durable finish . The brand has taken special care to ensure the sturdiness of this particular dog house. It is one of the best picks for your dog if they are totally fond of staying outdoors.

2. Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

— Very Popular Outdoor Wire Kennel

The Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel is a much-preferred outdoor dog house that measures about 4’6″H x 4’L x 4’W with the cover installed when assembled. Made from 10-gauge steel and heavy-duty metal, it boasts of a robust construction that is not prone to damage or wear and tear easily. The panels are interchangeable, letting you choose and create a structure configuration that is ideal for your dog. You can place the gate panel where you want the access point of the dog house to be. This kennel offers an increased level of flexibility and portability . The steel bars and wire mesh are welded before coating so; there are no sharp edges that might harm your pet while he gets in and out of the kennel.

The Lucky Dog Uptown Kennel further incorporates a waterproof cover that protects your pooch from adverse weather conditions. The cover gets fitted with the outdoor cage perfectly by means of high-quality elastic bands. The roof pitch is such that the water, light snow, or debris slides off smoothly instead of accumulating on the top. Further, UV protection prevents cracking and fading for years to come.

The Lucky Dog outdoor house is also very easy to clean as the enclosure can be hosed out to prevent dirt and bacteria accumulation, This, in turn, makes sure that your pet is happy and healthy inside. Setting it up is absolutely hassle-free as you need no additional tools for the task. The item has no glaring downsides. However, it is ideal for medium dog breeds. If you have a dog weighing more than 100 pounds, this kennel might appear to be a little smaller for him/her.

3. MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Exercise Pen

— Best Foldable Outdoor Dog House

The MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Exercise Pen is the ideal outdoor dog house for your pet if you are particularly looking for a wide but foldable kennel with maximum possible space for him, or her. This dog house comes with eight panels with each measuring about 24″W X 30″H providing about 1.5 meters of an enclosed area. Assembling this Midwest pen is pretty easy as it comes with four thumb-snaps and requires no additional tools. Further, the pen has a black e-coat finish that protects it from rust and other outdoor elements and your dog, from germs and bacteria.

The MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Exercise Pen makes comfort a priority in its design. The entrance door is right in the front and it has two safety latches to ensure that it does not open easily even if your dog is aggressive at times. There is enough space to put a bed, food and water bowls, and other play items for your dog to take rest as well as play around inside the kennel.

The build, design, and increased space all come together to make this dog house a perfect choice for your furry one. It is suitable for even the larger breeds of dogs and you can use it both inside and outside the house. The price might seem to be a little on the higher side but considering all the benefits it offers, it is a good value for money and a recommended item. Customer feedback is incredible all over the web.

4. Petsfit Dog House, Dog House Outdoor

— Best Outdoor Dog House For Small Dogs

The Petsfit Dog House Outdoor is an ideal dog house for the smaller breeds of dogs , weighing up to 75 lbs. With 15″ X 21.7″ door dimension and 41.3″ X 25.8″ interior dimension, this dog house has an impressively compact design and comes with a pre-drilled hole for hassle-free assembling without additional tools. You can remove both the roof and the bottom floor to ensure easier cleaning. There is also a door flap , which can be kept closed when the outdoor weather condition is not conducive to your furry one. This door flap is also capable of insulating the house during the winter and letting it stay cooler in the summer. You can choose not to completely shut down the door flap allowing for some fresh air to circulate inside the house.

The Petsfit Dog House is one of the best insulated, weatherproof outdoor dog houses that you can find out there. The roof has a grooved design and slant to drain out the water , snow, etc while the kiln-dried cedar treated with an all-natural color stain adds to the already amazing aesthetics of the dog house. Strikingly enough, the Petsfit Dog House also incorporates eaves, plastic feet, and a raised roof. This prevents your dog from being affected by the harmful elements outside the kennel.

This compact dog outdoor house looks and functions well with the only downside being its size, which makes it unsuitable for dogs over 90 lbs of weight or even two small dogs at a time. Also, some dog owners are not quite happy with the completely wooden structure, devoid of metals. However, if you are up for a cute dog house for your small and calm furry one, this one is an ideal buy for sure. This is a dog house that doesn’t give up on having an appealing look —it is very cute!

5. Merry Products Wood Pet Home

— Best Wooden Dog House

The Merry Products Wood Pet Home is one of those wooden dog houses that actually look like a really cute little home for your pet. Ideally suited for the smaller breeds, this dog house measures about 21″ X 29″ X 26″ and incorporates a small staircase leading up to a stunning balcony , which is a striking feature of this particular dog house. The Merry Products Wood Pet Home is very lightweight, which makes it easier for you to carry it around at times of relocation. The natural wood insulation ensures that your furry one stays absolutely comfortable in all weather conditions. It boasts of quality as it is made from and treated with kiln-dried cedar and natural color stains respectively.

There are lots of Do-It-Yourself possibilities with this compact and uniquely designed dog house. Depending on your dog’s personality and choice, you can customize it to make it more personal and allow your pet to feel at home, even more, when they are inside the kennel. The structure is sturdy in spite of being lightweight and portable . The quality of the naturally stained wood further ensures that there is no emission of toxic fumes and that a natural calm environment is created for your dog to relax and fall asleep in peace.

The Merry Products Wood Pet Home comes with a structure that is easy to assemble just with a screwdriver and sandpaper to take care of the rough parts. With both the roof and the bottom is removable, cleaning the house is pretty much hassle-free too. Overall, the Merry Products Wood Pet Home is a good buy for a smaller dog, who will love to be in a smart-looking home with ample fresh air. However, if your dog is aggressive and has chewing tendencies , the wooden texture might make this pet home not so suitable for the furry one.

6. Pet Exercise Pen Tube Gate w/ Door

— Best Cheap Outdoor Dog House

The Pet Exercise Pen Tube Gate is a robustly designed wired outdoor dog house that comes in varying sizes like 36″, 42″ and 48″. This particular dog house is entirely made of steel. Therefore, it is robust enough to withstand wear and tear. Even if your dog seems to be a little aggressive and has chewing tendencies. As such, the Pet Exercise Pen Tube can turn out to be a suitable dog house for breeds that are usually difficult to be kept inside kennels. Much like its body, this dog house has a durable finish too. It is resistant to rust and corrosion , which ensures that the item will continue to fulfill its purpose for a long time. The striking aspect is the unique door design that allows for easy entry and exit of your dog.

This strong dog house comes in an interesting octagon shape and has ample space inside for your furry one to relax, play around, and rest. Assembling it is easy and hassle-free and can be done in minutes without the requirement of any additional tools. You can fold and carry it around with ease too. While dog owners are generally happy with this product, there are two downsides that can be taken into account.

However, if you have a small, calmer dog that is simply happy to get a lot of space to run about freely, play with toys, and so on; this dog house is the ideal one. It comes with enhanced portability, which is a plus for dog owners who are keen on traveling frequently with their dog. The Pet Exercise Pen Tube Gate w/ Door is good value for money ! A few customers complain about the quality of the steel, which seems to be not very strong to withstand all the bouncing and jumping off your dog. For this very reason, in spite of having a lot of space inside, the Pet Exercise Pen Tube is best for smaller dog breeds only. The structure lacks the durability that you will desire if you own a larger, stronger breed of dog.

7. Petsfit Dog House

— Best Functional Outdoor Dog House

No products found.

Petsfit have designed one of the most functional outdoor dog houses on the market. The slant of the roof allows for water to constantly run off, which prevents collections of water . It also has hinges to allow for you to open the roof to either check on your dog or easily clean the inside of the house. No more crouching and stretching to disinfect the corners of your pet’s house.

Not only is this house easy to assemble and use, but it is also sturdy and attractive . This wooden beauty offers a modern appearance to your yard as well as a comfortable home for your dog to escape to. With its large size, you can easily fit into one large dog or even two medium dogs. Which prevents the need for a second dog house to be purchased.

Positive reviews adore the ease of use of this dog house as well as it’s durability and aesthetics. The strength of the house is great for larger breeds and well as the resilience needed in stormy states. However, users have complained about the quality of the wood and paint . They state that the paint chips quickly and the wood pieces are fragile alone.

8. Confidence Pet Plastic Dog Kennel

— Best Plastic Outdoor Dog House

This plastic dog house made by confidence is ideal for your medium to large dog. There is a lot of space for your big dog to comfortably rest in. The plastic used is advertised as tough and durable, the perfect factors for outside weather. You do not need to worry about this dog house rotting or flooding as it is truly waterproof.

This house is also easy to construct and you just attach the sides together with screws. Furthermore, as this dog house is lightweight , you can easily move it around the yard without having to deconstruct it. This is an added bonus because its placement no longer feels like a permanent decision. Portability is often an influential factor in purchase, so you do not need to worry about this with this dog house.

Reviews have praised the elevated floor of the dog house as it keeps water out and prevents flooding. This is ideal as you do not need to worry about flooding due to the materials used and the height of the dog house. Negative reviews, on the other hand, have criticized the material used , saying it is cheap and can be easily broken.

9. ASL Solutions Dog Palace

— Best Insulated Outdoor Dog House

No products found.

ASL Solutions offer their designed dog palace with a plastic exterior and thermo-insulated inner walls . This house uses recycled ESP foam inside its walls to offer a cozy, and well-insulated house for your pup. Therefore, the rain is kept out of this house because of the waterproof plastic and the inner house maintains a high temperature. Even the stormiest and coldest states won’t affect this dog house!

The door easily opens and seals for your dog to keep heat in. Your pup can quickly learn to get through the opening, of which is large enough for many large breeds. Your big dog can enter, lie down, and stretch comfortably without any worries. Furthermore, there are two windows that you can remove to allow for good ventilation and cooling on sunny days.

If the qualities we have mentioned have not yet convinced you, positive reviews add that the quality and durability are very high. They further add that this dog bed is cost-efficient, especially for the high-quality build. There are very few negative reviews of this product. But those that exist are because the delivery did not contain all the parts .

10. Best Choice Products Wooden Log Cabin

— The Most Attractive Outdoor Dog House

Best Choice Product s offers one of the most attractive products on the market. This miniature log cabin offers a slanted roof to allow for rainfall to roll off easily and prevent water collection. Furthermore, the high-quality materials, strong seams, and raised floor all prevent flooding and leaking in your dog’s home.

You can easily open the roof of this design which allows you ease to clean the internal structure. It opens with locking hinges so you don’t have to worry about holding the house’s roof in the air whilst you are moving items in and out of it. This is the perfect home for your small-sized breed.

Those that have purchased this dog house love the high durability and the appearance of the house. Many owners also adore the easily open-able roof and the hinges that hold the roof up for convenience. However, some reviews have complained about the quality of the wood used and say that it bends and splinters over time.

Extra Features to Add On!

Here are some separate and extra features you might want to add on your dog’s cozy home to enhance the experience and benefits.

Heating Pads

You can purchase heating pads for your dog to keep them snuggled generally and in colder weather. Just be sure that the size of the heating mat is appropriate for your outdoor dog house floor and that the wire and plug can easily exit the house without being a tripping hazard.


Insulators can be professionally purchased or constructed yourself. A material as simple as bubble wrap or purchased blankets can be used as wall and floor insulators to keep your pup toasty. Some outdoor dog houses are built to have an insulated wall, so check the product description before adding any insulators.

Heat Lamps

Heat lamps can be added to open roof houses as a source of warmth for your pup. However, you need to be sure that the heat lamp is not too close to your dog so that they overheat or it poses as a fire risk. If you live in a colder area, then a heat lamp may be the ideal add on to keep your dog toasty.


Cameras are a fun add on to your outdoor dog house as you can watch what your pup is doing! It can be especially beneficial if you are concerned about their behavior , such as if they have separation anxiety . Whether it be to monitor their barking or to see their favorite sleeping position, dog cameras can be a wonderful extra.

Automatic Feeders

An automatic feeder can be particularly useful if you are away for long working hours. These devices can issue a pre-measured amount of dog food to your pup’cs bowl within their new house. Therefore they are able to eat the right amount, at the times you decide without you needing to leave the couch.

Weather Doors

A weather door is a special dog flap you can attach to the main door to prevent wind and cold from entering your dog’s home and causing the chills. These can be ideal for cold environments and stop you worrying about your dog’s health when they want to go to their outside house.


A simple fan can make a huge difference to your dog’s comfort. In hot and humid environments, clip-hon fans can be easily attached and aid your dog. It will cool them and their house, making the area a much more pleasant one to reside in. Just be sure that it isn’t left on in the weather gets colder.

Air Conditioners

Like we may have air conditioners in our home, we can also provide small air conditioners for our dogs. These can keep both our dogs cool in their house and generally. Providing your dogs with a cold environment in hot areas is crucial to avoid heatstroke, which can be a life-threatening condition.

Outdoor Dog Houses – FAQs

We want to make sure any purchase you make you are entirely happy with. Therefore, we have composed this FAQ to answer every other question you could have.

What Size Should an Outdoor Dog House be?

An outdoor dog house should be large enough for your pup to comfortably stand inside and stretch when lying down . Just because your dog can physically sit or lie down in it does not mean it is large enough. If your dog enjoys to lie on their side and stretch during sleep, make sure they have enough room to do this. Furthermore, if you own a puppy, we recommend purchasing a dog home big enough for their fully grown size. Therefore, check your dog’s expected breed size and in accordance with their gender as well.

What Bedding Should I use for my Dog's Outdoor House?

This all depends on what your dog finds comfortable and what you have time to clean. You may want to provide your pup with a regular, breathable dog bed . You may also want to consider blankets and pillows for your pup. Make sure that if you need to clean your dog’s bedding that you have alternate bedding to replace it.

How can I Keep my Dog's Outdoor House Cool?

Ventilation, air conditioning, and fans can help to keep your dog’s outdoor house cool. Check the initial design of the house you are purchasing to see if there are removable windows or ventilation space generally. If not, you may want to consider purchasing a fan or air conditioning for your dog. It ll depends on your space and budget which one is more appropriate for you.

How can I Keep my Dog's Outdoor House Warm?

You can use heated mats, heat bulbs, and weather doors to keep your dogs warm and toasty. Heated mats will heat the floor of your dog’s house, and as heat rises, the whole house will be heated too. A heat bulb works the same way, the bulb will heat the area beneath it and the heat will rise to keep the rest of the house warm. Weather doors do not directly warm your dog’s house, however, it will keep heat in and prevent cold air from entering your dog’s home.

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Should I Consider the Weather or Temperature Before Purchasing an Outdoor Dog House?

Although you should consider the weather and temperature before making a purchase, you should focus mostly on the average temperature and weather . Consider the current temperature and weather when purchasing add ons, such as fans, blankets, and weather doors. That way the house can be used all year round and you can adjust what you need to when different seasons roll around.

With all these options available when it comes to the best outdoor dog houses , buying the right one should ideally be based on factors like the size of your dog, whether you want it for mostly indoor or outdoor use, the choice of material, insulation, airflow and so on. Generally, we recommend the robust metal made ones for the larger and stronger breeds. While the smaller, wooden houses are suitable for the naughtier puppies. The best is definitely the one that protects your dog and keeps him safe, comfortable, and at peace at all times.